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Villa for a friend

contributed by 159 archdaily, 24 April 2009


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Description Villa for a friend:

We had suggested a house to a friend: “we will make you a home; fitting the best friend”. He didn’t wait for something special; a normal villa, just safe and out of harm’s way, as possible as it could. Municipality laws and the high slope of the site (as the first design’s guidelines) lead us to a terraced sketch.

The site was extended to the south-east. A pure, unbelievable, sunlit view in front of us. There for we made it like two boxes; a box on the other one, Like two frames: to record different views of the same location and beyond all for catching pleasure sunlight the most.

They wanted to specialize the uncovered space on the first box to their celebrations and ceremonies, so we moved bed rooms to the downer box and put the kitchen and living room in the upper one; an answer to their request: relating the court yard with the public rooms.

The sloped covering on the final roof is also a technical solution for hard winters and the snow load.

And in relation to those scratched wooden covers that attached to the balconies edges: they have made for protecting house from wind, snow, and all who wants breaks into a house, for the security that friend mentioned, for L.Fontana, the painter we like, and to present an artificial view to the nature.

Main access is the stairway from the main entrance (in the lower level/the border between out and in) to the main entrance of the building (upper box / public room), and in the middle of its way there’s a way to the personal area (upper box).

Kitchen is a suspending cube.

Photographs: Razan Text & Context


Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend Villa for a friend

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Tehran, Iran

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i love this project, it inspires me any time i look at it..good luck.
commented by 683 M.Hossein Mokhtari , 9 March 2010

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