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Supermarket MPREIS

contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 1 October 2009


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Description Supermarket MPREIS:

« M » like market place is a criterion of high value in the business philosophy of the supermarket chain MPREIS. The new market in Wattens correspond to this new understanding of communication and meeting in a public place.

The MPREIS-supermarket in Wattens is characterized by its concept of multifunctional use. In addition to the supermarket, other small shops and the local police station are placed in this shopping center. The two storey building is an important element for the new organization of the marketplace in the city center. The architect places the building into the site like a “floating» element over the underground parking. Ramps different inclinations surround the parking lot and introduce daylight into the interior.

This surrounding “moat” is equipped with floodlights which illuminate the building night and accentuate the floating and weightless character. The glass façade continues around the building but is composed of varying elements so that it can relate to the scale of its urban context. The market is designed as a transparent space. Trees which are planted in the inscribed patios occupy the building to give it a surprising sensation of transparency and lightness.

Daylight enters the interior to help with the presentation the merchandise. The transparency of the glass façade changes rhythmically with the areas which are “filtered“ metal mesh, a material typical in Dominique Perrault’s architecture. As a sun-screen, this material takes on a new function. Like a market place, the hybrid building stimulates communication and activity in the heart of the town.

Photography by: André Morin

Source: Mies Arch Prize:


Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS Supermarket MPREIS

Information Supermarket MPREIS:

Wattens / Austria

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