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Polyclinic ST

contributed by 295 Carlos Lanuza, 14 April 2009


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Description Polyclinic ST:

Close surrounding and historical site of Firule area are one of the most enjoyable Split’s living, working and recreation environments. Extraordinary location for the polyclinic is one of its greatest advantages. Placed near existing hospital complex on Firule, close to the sea and fresh air gives it even more importance and value.

Project of such determinate program and function requires maximal pragmatism and respect to the competition program, as well as maximum of technical and technological equipment and functionality. It was necessary to develop acquired functions vertically in order to place all the services, diagnostics, practices and laboratories as requested. All public spaces are located in basement, ground and first floors, patient clinic and administration on the upper floors and garage in underground.

Main visual element of the building and accent of the whole house is facade envelope, made of horizontal bands. It covers the house like the bandages are protecting the patient. Like a membrane which protects from the sun, it is a sophisticated light regulator and it conceals as much as it reveals. It is also used as a classic sunshade (sun shutter) and it’s inspired by one of the most recognizable elements of modern Split’s architecture - Ivo Radić’s “briss soleil”.

Atriums/loggias are segments of exterior and semi public areas placed throughout all floors. They divide and connect spaces of the polyclinic, and instead of introvert hospital corridor, they provide a relaxing zone filled with Mediterranean greenery, wooden terraces with view to the sea and surrounding islands. In the atriums, patients, staff and visitors can take a break, smell some fresh sea air and take a walk (even in the pyjamas).


Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST Polyclinic ST

Information Polyclinic ST:

Project function:
Firule, Split, Croatia

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