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Octógono Sales Stand

contributed by 268 evaatelier, 13 March 2009


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Description Octógono Sales Stand:

We were asked to design a sales stand for a housing building with the particularity of the plan being octagonal. Taking in consideration that peculiar geometrical shape, we wanted the sales stand to reflect it and we want to transform it in the commercial image of the building.
Having as start point an octagonal prism, we stretched it, achieving a new object that was functional from a programmatic point of view, something that the original prism didn’t had.

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Tendo por referência a planta de forma geométrica peculiar do empreendimento imobiliário, um octógono, pretendeu-se que o stand de vendas a pudesse usar e tornar evidente. Tendo como ponto de partida um prisma octogonal, procedeu-se ao estender desse volume, conseguindo-se um objecto funcional do ponto de vista programático, algo que o prisma inicial não possuía.

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Octógono Sales Stand Octógono Sales Stand Octógono Sales Stand Octógono Sales Stand Octógono Sales Stand Octógono Sales Stand

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