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La Palmeraie

contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 15 June 2009


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Description La Palmeraie:

In Israel's most amazing vacation city of Eilat, facing Edom's mountains and a few paces away from the Red Sea, lays a ravishingly beautiful apartment complex- La Palmeraie.

The complex surrounds an inner yard, shaded in most hours of the day, in the middle of which a swimming- pool for the benefit of the residents.
A warm breeze enters the inner courtyard, and creates a cooler, moister micro- climate, which separates it from the harsh desert heat in the city of Eilat.

The apartments face the common patio and delight in a view to the beautiful pool and courtyard, but should one opt to look in a slightly different direction, his eyes will catch the Red Sea and the breathtaking view of Edom mountains.

Due to the fact that Eilat embraces a lot of different styles of hotels and complexes, we had a lot of freedom in planning the project, and used a few different styles while considering: The potential buyer- most of them are Europeans who bought the property for vacation purposes, and some for habitation and so we used Neo- Classical elements- to create a homely atmosphere.
Location- Eilat lies in an Israeli desert and thus we used oriental elements such as the glass- caps set with precious stones and stylized cornice.

La Palmeraie has 83 luxurious residential units; the residents enjoy a communal structure surrounded by a common public area.

In the complex there is a spa, a health club and a gym. Virtually all of the luxuries one could desire; joined by the meticulous planning, creates the best residential experience which is La Palmeraie.


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