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House on The Andes

contributed by 159 archdaily, 12 May 2009


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Description House on The Andes:

The house is set on the top of a sloping field. The program is organized in two parallel and horizontal outdated volumes, based on a simple geometry, where the interior is as important as the exterior.

The courtyard entry articulates both volumes under one cover and provides a visual opening of the mountains surrounding the valley. In both volumes transparency is what dominates it. Each room has one side covered entirely in glass, so the landscape forms part of the interior space and expands it.

The provision allows you to integrate space into several areas by sliding the screens. The volume at the front of the house contains the main spaces, kitchen and most of the bedrooms. The service part of the building is built on the slope below the ground. On the other volume we have the family room and the guest bedrooms.

The language of the house compromises glass sliding doors and concrete walls. The bottom part has dark stone to accentuate the weightlessness of the two main volumes.


House on The Andes House on The Andes House on The Andes House on The Andes House on The Andes House on The Andes House on The Andes

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