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Homes for Senior Citizens

contributed by 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 14 April 2009


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Description Homes for Senior Citizens:

The twenty-two flats of the residential development for the elderly in Masans near
Chur are occupied by senior citizens still able to run their own households, but happy to use the services offered by the nursing home behind their own building.

Many of the residents grew up in mountain villages around the area. They have always lived in the country and feel at home with the traditional building materials used
here – tuff, larch, pine, maple, solid wood flooring and wooden panelling.

The residents are welcome to furnish as they please their section of the large entrance porch to the east, which they overlook from their kitchen windows, and they make
ample use of this opportunity. The sheltered balcony niches and the living room bow (bay) windows on the other side face west, up the valley, towards the setting sun.

Photos by Helene Binet
Text: Peter Zumthor
Courtesy of The Pritzker Architecture Prize


Homes for Senior Citizens Homes for Senior Citizens Homes for Senior Citizens

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Chur, Masans, Graubünden, Switzerland

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