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Floating Sauna

contributed by 663 casagrande, 24 February 2010


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Description Floating Sauna:

A floating sauna for the Rosendal vilallage by Finnish architects Casagrande & Rintala in cooperation with Västlands Art Academy. All the village can see the sauna on the Hardangerfjord and it shines as a lantern in the evenings. One enters the sauna by swimming or with a rowing boat. The walls are semi-transparent and will show when the things are cooking. The Floating Sauna is a happy marriage of Finnish and Norwegian cultures. 


Marco Casagrande, Sami Rintala

Christel Sverre

Kristin Lian Berg, Mona Brekke, Simen Dyrhaug, Jenny Therese Eriksson, Mahlet Ogbé Habte, Marja Ristiina Nickel, Ragnhild Ohma, Anne Marte Ruud, Mona Aspen Simonsen, Thomas Aspeland Sivertsen, Elin Solvang, Sverre Strandberg, Karolin Tampere, Sveinung Unneland, Elisabeth Wahlström.


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Rosendal Norway

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