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Edificio Campo Salles

contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 15 June 2009


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Description Edificio Campo Salles:

This is a development located in a low density residential area of the district of Nuñez in the Buenos Aires city, which is changing rapidly. We built a small scale building, containing 6 housing units, all with their expansion areas, either terraces or balconies.

This is a building designed for a young occupier, preferably couples o families with small children, who are choosing this area because of its dynamic transformation. Recovering the central theme of our PH townhouses, we reformulates the sidewalk / "zaguan" / courtyard relation ship as an articulation between public and privete space by means of a translucid enclosure.

The units arranged in front-rear direction in the case on the first volume and extend from party wall in the case of the second. Booth arrangements allow optimun quallity off natural light, ventilation and views.

Towards the front, the façade is materialised by concrete frame that reaches the maximum height allowed the building code on the front edge of the plot. With a 7 foot setback, a new façade line is generated allowing the building to extend higher and forming the expansion areas.

The materials used are off low maintenance. The plastic composition of colors and textures obtained on the reinforced concrete, the anodised aluminium windows, the cementitous floors, and the color scheme – oranges , browns and beiges – incorporates a distinct and usual pictorial quality.

An additional feature of the building is the installation of an independent tank, which we call “ecological” as it gathers rainwater to de used for watering, cleaning the sidewalk, and filling the WC thanks.


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muy buen proyecto.bien insertado
commented by anonymous, 24 April 2010

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