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Campo Volantin Footbridge

contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 8 January 2009


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Description Campo Volantin Footbridge:

The Zubizuri, also called the Campo Volantin Bridge or Puente del Campo Volantin, is a tied arch footbridge across the Nervion River in Bilbao, linking the Campo Volantin right bank and Uribitarte left bank of the river.

The design consists of an inclined structural steel arch linking two platforms, with access ramps and stairways on both banks. The curved steel bridge deck is suspended by steel cables. The structure is painted white, as with other Calatrava designs.

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Campo Volantin Footbridge
Campo Volantin Footbridge

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Campo Volantin Footbridge Campo Volantin Footbridge Campo Volantin Footbridge Campo Volantin Footbridge

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It's important to say that walking surface is made in glass, and although it seems Santiago Calatrava didn't know, Bilbao is a rainy city, so many many people have slipped there... It's a beautiful piece of art, but not really good.
commented by User_profile_mini_square amara , 18 January 2009

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