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Book Bar

contributed by 270 arquinetwork, 3 June 2009


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Description Book Bar:

Jinhua Architecture Park, China
All images by: Iwan Baan

The project’s concept expands on an important confluence between the book and architecture in Chinese history: in the third century B.C.E., a descendant of the philosopher Confucius concealed several of his texts in a wall when the emperor ordered all Confucian writings burned. From this historic juncture of books and building, the pavilion’s form pulls its central wall outward into two unequal, cantilevered arms, each concealing within a public space for learning.

The pavilion’s smaller wing is perforated by an abstract pattern, forming a reading porch open to the park beyond. Each wing’s stepped floors allow either space to be used as an impromptu amphitheater for literary discussions or poetry readings.

As visitors move toward, into, and through these reciprocal spaces, the pavilion reveals itself - its bent, tapered form appears to expand and contract, its perforated walls and openings creating an ever-changing montage of spaces between, within, and beyond the ministructure and the viewer.



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Jinhua Park, China

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