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Bergisel Ski Jump

contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 29 July 2009


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Description Bergisel Ski Jump:

This ski jump on Bergisel mountain is part of a large refurbishment project for the Olympic Arena in Innsbruck. Overlooking the city, it is a major landmark that is both a tower and a bridge: structurally it is divided into the vertical concrete tower and a spatial green structure. The building is a hybrid of highly specialised sports facilities and public spaces like a café and a viewing terrace. These different programmes are combined into a single new shape which extends the topography of the slope into the sky.

Photograph by: Hélène Bidet

Source: Mies Arch Prize:


Bergisel Ski Jump Bergisel Ski Jump Bergisel Ski Jump Bergisel Ski Jump

Information Bergisel Ski Jump:

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Innsbruck / Austria

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