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30 The bond

contributed by 295 Carlos Lanuza, 29 April 2009


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Description 30 The bond:

The commercial component of the Bond is the new Asia-Pacific headquarters for Bovis Lend Lease and comprises eight office levels with an average net lettable area of approximately 2000m² per level, a smaller 216m² ninth office level, ground floor retail and two basement levels.

It is a 100m long building facing due west, and PTW worked with Lend Lease to deliver the first SEDA 5 star building in Australia. This involved utilising chilled beam technology rather than conventional air conditioning, an atrium that runs through all levels to provide ventilation, external sun-screen elements and a lighting strategy re-evaluation.

PTW Architects’ approach also focused on creating a distinctive commercial building that responds to the urban design and heritage opportunities found on this site. The retail component on the ground floor relates to the base of the atrium and to the external plaza, which forms part of a heritage precinct.

John Marmaras
Patrick Bingham-Hall


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Information 30 The bond:

30-34 Hickson Road, Millers Point, Sydney, Australia

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