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30 St Mary Axe

contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 9 December 2008


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Description 30 St Mary Axe:

30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Swiss Re Tower or the Gherkin, is a skycraper in London´s main financial district. It is 180 metres (591 feet) in height, with 40 floors. Its construction symbolised the start of a new high-rise construction boom in London.

The primary occupant of the building is Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company, who had the building commissioned as the head office for their UK operation. As owners, their company name lends itself to another nickname for the building variants on Swiss Re Tower, although this has never been an official title.

On the building's top level (the 40th floor), there is a bar for tenants and their guests featuring a 360 view of London. A restaurant operates on the 39th floor, and private dining rooms on the 38th.

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30 St Mary Axe 30 St Mary Axe 30 St Mary Axe 30 St Mary Axe

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