Royal Netherlands Embassy

in Architecture by Dick van Gameren
  contributed by 295 Carlos Lanuza, 8 May 2009
The Royal Netherlands Embassy complex lies amidst the urban sprawl on the southern outskirts of Addis Ababa, enclosed within a dense eucalyptus grove. The architects’ guiding principle was to...

Suzhou Shopping Courtyard

in Architecture by LTD. ()
  contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 13 October 2008
Development that includes restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment areas alongside a kindergarten in the city’s industrial district. Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008

in Architecture by Frank Gehry ()
  contributed by 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 21 May 2009
The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008 was the first built project in England by legendary architect Frank Gehry. The spectacular structure – designed and engineered in collaboration with Arup –...

Gedeon Richter Office and Research Center Budapest

Gedeon Richter is a Hungary-based, prominent, regional pharmaceutical company in Eastern and Central Europe with the largest pharmaceutical research centre (800 persons) in the area.The company looks...

OIS- Oslo International School

Oslo International School is a private school with about 500 children from more than 50 different nations, divided into kindergarten, reception, primary and secondary school.The school is based on a...

Catedral de Brasília

in Architecture by Oscar Niemeyer ()
  contributed by 596 carolinaqueiroz, 15 December 2009
A Catedral de Brasília (Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida) foi construída no período de 1959 a 1970: sendo que na primeira fase, duração de seis meses, apenas a estrutura...

Parc Güell

in Public Space by Antoni Gaudí ()
  contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 30 September 2008
Parque situado en la ladera del Parque de Collserola, Barcelona. Fue un encargo de Eusebi Güell a Antoni Gaudí que ya había trabajado anteriormente para él. El parque pretendía ser una ciudad...

Brick House

in Architecture by Caruso & St John architects
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 November 2009
This family house stands amongst dense residential buildings in a busy part of West London. The land is shaped like a horse’s head, surrounded by three taller buildings, and can only be reached...

Final wooden house

in Architecture by Sou Fujimoto Architects ()
  contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 8 October 2008
Primitive house mad entirely of wood set against a dramatic Japanese backdrop.Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía en Granada

in Architecture by Alberto Campo Baeza
  contributed by 270 arquinetwork, 30 September 2009
El edificio del Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía se sitúa en una parcela anexa a la sede central de Caja Granada, obra del mismo arquitecto y que ha sido merecedora de diversos premios...
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