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Four Seasons Shopping and Leisure Centre

Four storeyed shopping and leisure centre with a total area of 62,500 sq.m. includes an underground and surface car parks, supermarket, banquet halls and ceremony halls, restaurants, cafes, game...

House 01

in Architecture by Za Bor Architects
  contributed by 159 archdaily, 25 June 2009
The building is located in a historic village close to the center of Moscow. The work was hampered by a small plot and a large number of old trees that had to be maintained.In the village, houses are...

Larch House

in Architecture by McAdam Architects
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 12 October 2009
The Larch House is a direct response to Russia's climatic, cultural and social environment. The design utilizes traditional ideas and re-introduces Siberian Larch as the principle exterior...

Moesk Control Center

in Architecture by Arch-group + ABTB
contributed by 159 archdaily, 17 July 2009
This is project of the reconstruction of the network control centre of electricity- distribution company MOESK. The main space is the control room. There in a space of 320 m2 the we placed a...

Golf-club "Pirogovo"

The golf course was not too far, it could be reached in five minutes or so. The rows of lime trees and street lamps that surrounded the path were long and pointed like sharpened pencils arranged at...

Silent Rest

The project is for the 4-levels unit in the blocked house located in the historical city park. Each unit of this house is belonging to one family and have the separate entrance, garage, lift and...

All In Little Roses

in Architecture by AS-Studia
  contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 22 October 2009
The shopping center “All in little roses” is situated in the Russian ancient city of Vladimir, located in 180 km to the east from Moscow.The conceptual idea of the shopping center “All in...

Private House

The black and white parallelepiped of the house (size of the house is 30 x 8 meters) occupies the whole width of the site. The blind facade is orientated outside of the site. And the internal...
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