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Architecture of Aveiro

Pascoal House

in Architecture by Eva | evolutionary architecture ()
  contributed by 268 evaatelier, 6 March 2009
Adapt the proposal to the terrain morphology, was the main guideline for the project.Taking advantage of the morphologic configuration that divides the terrain in two levels: the upper level and the...

Vale de Cambra Public Library | Biblioteca Municipal de Vale de Cambra

in Architecture by Lopes da Costa ()
  contributed by 331 architecturevision, 21 May 2009
Location - Localização: Vale de Cambra, PortugalProject - Projecto: 1994-95Construction - Construcção: 1996-98Architects - Arquitectos: Lopes da Costa e Tiago Meireles

Saint Anthony's Sanctuary | Santuário de Santo António

in Architecture by Agostinho Ricca ()
  contributed by 331 architecturevision, 14 May 2009
Location: Vale de Cambra, PortugalProject: 1990Construction: 1993Architect: Agostinho RiccaColaborators: Arch. Manuel Pazarro Monteiro and Ruy Gomes de SáGlass Paintings: Domingos Pinho"Sacrário":...

Almeida House

in Architecture by Eva | evolutionary architecture ()
  contributed by 268 evaatelier, 18 April 2009
This house was developed in a single floor, on a small terrain with strict limits.We aspired, since the beginning, a simple and direct approach, that resulted on a plastic volume, pure but sensual,...

Sever do Vouga Public Library

in Architecture by António Oliveira ()
  contributed by 331 architecturevision, 4 July 2009
Location - Localização: Sever do Vouga, PortugalConstruction - Construcção: 2005-2008Architect - Arquitecto: António OliveiraArea - Área: 1000m2Cost - Custo: 1.100000€

25|26´s House

The image of two "containers" placed on a wall of stone, occurred to us when two families wanted to build two twin houses situated at a corner of a block in the orthogonal urban design, pattern of...