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Architecture of Iran

Sandbag Shelter Prototypes , various locations

in Architecture by Cal-Earth Institute
  contributed by 295 Carlos Lanuza, 13 May 2009
The global need for housing includes millions refugees and displaced persons - victims of natural disasters and wars. Iranian architect Nader Khalili believes that this need can be addressed only by...

Residential apartment

in Architecture by Hossein Mokhtari ()
  contributed by 683 M.Hossein Mokhtari , 24 January 2012
3unite residential apartment, 4 bedroom units with 2 parking for each in 4 floor

Arsalan Building

6 unit residential building

Villa for a friend

in Architecture by Razan Text & Context Architects
  contributed by 159 archdaily, 24 April 2009
We had suggested a house to a friend: “we will make you a home; fitting the best friend”. He didn’t wait for something special; a normal villa, just safe and out of harm’s way, as possible as...

external Facility

the external facility for 646 unit residential complex including Spa, pool, Gathering hall,shops,gym

Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory

The project: is a factory that contains a prefabricated building system production plant plus an office & ancillary building. Site: The site location is an industrial city for non-pollution...

Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory

3700sqm production plant that features a 350sqm mezzanine and features views over the Alborz Mountain. Natural air ventilation has been incorporated to harness the local wind energy, resulting in an...

Benetton House Teheran

in Architecture by Markus Preller ()
contributed by 755 klingsor, 28 April 2010
  Intro Designing a multistorey building for commercial (retail), office and residential use in Teheran means designing for special climate conditions, special urban context, special cultural...

Pol-Roomi Official Building

in Architecture by Fluid Motion
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 28 July 2009
This project has been designed and constructed in a 436 sq. m. land in 7 levels, which includes 5 official levels, each encompassing two units and a lobby and parking in two levels.This project has...

Maliabad Garden Residential Complex ( 646 unite )

646 luxury unite residential complex