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Architecture of Denmark

Copper Tower - Head Office for Plesner (law firm)

in Architecture by Todd Saunders Architecture
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 30 October 2009
The inauguration of the Øresund Bridge made the DanLink ferry service between Denmark and Sweden redundant, and for that reason it was discontinued in 2000. The area formerly occupied by DanLink,...

Prag's Boulevard

in Architecture by Kristine Jensens Tegnestue
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 24 November 2009
Prags Boulevard is situated between old industrial areas and very large apartment buildings, a particularly worn and in many ways strained area. It had non-inspiring public facilities and the road...

Youth Recreation & Culture Center

in Architecture by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Aps ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 11 March 2009
The building is shaped to the area with a form that morph recreation and leisure in 3 connected houses. As interpretations of the surrounding villas, the design of the building basically downscales...

Nørre Vosborg - New Hotel

in Architecture by Arkitema ()
contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 8 October 2008
Converted manor house in Vemb, DenmarkShortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

The Danish Jewish Museum

in Architecture by Studio Daniel Libeskind
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 30 October 2009
The Danish Jewish Museum is based on the unique story of Danish Jews who were saved by the Danes in October 1943. However, the base of the museum's collection is the history of the Danish Jewish...

U Centre Aalborg

in Architecture by Kim Utzon Architects ()
  contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 6 October 2008
The Museum Centre is situated at the harbour front with seaview, in the park sequence, characteristic for the new harbour front area in Aalborg.Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

Ørestad Collage

in Architecture by 3XN
  contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 2 July 2009
The Ørestad College is the latest college or upper secondary school in Copenhagen, built in the Danish capital’s development area; Ørestad. The demographic development in greater Copenhagen has...

Kilen - Copenhagen Business School

in Architecture by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter A/S
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 25 November 2009
"The Wedge" is the result of the winning proposal in an invited competition. The competition was organised in two phases: the first phase being an urban plan for a campus located on an abandoned...


in Architecture by Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 9 November 2009
Seen from the air, Østerbro is typical for the urban development of the late 19th century. A middle class quarter that lies adjacent to Copenhagen’s core. The quarter begins just north of the...

The Concert Hall Aarhus, Extension

The Concert Hall, Aarhus was originally designed by Kjær & Richter, and was inaugurated in 1982. With its new extension the Concert Hall has doubled in size, and now encompasses a wide range of...
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