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Architecture of People's Republic of China

GreenPix, Zero Energy Media Wall

in Architecture by Arup
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 2 June 2009
BEIJING – Simone Giostra & Partners Architects with Arup have designed the GreenPix - Zero Energy Media Wall - a groundbreaking project applying sustainable and digital media technology to the...

Hutong Bubble 32

in Architecture by MAD ()
contributed by 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 25 May 2009
The Future Of The Hutongs The Hutongs are historic poor neighbourhoods of central Beijing. Though the Hutongs delight tourists, life for the residents is hard: they have limited private space, and...

ORDOS 100 #20: Atelier Bow Wow

in Architecture by Atelier Bow Wow ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 28 February 2009
Located in the severe climate of Ordos, the house contains a protected courtyard around which bedrooms and smaller rooms are placed at the perimeter a height of 1 story.More info and photos at Arch...

Beijing 2008 Olympic Green Tennis Centre

in Architecture by Bligh Voller Nield ()
  contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 13 October 2008
Bowl shaped arena with 12 segments allowing views of the Forest Park and Olympic Green and providing natural ventilation. Uses sustainable technology to cool and warm the arena as well as recycle...

GreenPix - Zero Energy Media Wall, Beijing

in Architecture by SGPA/ARUP ()
contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 7 October 2008
A project applying sustainable and digital media technology to the curtain wall of Xicui Entertainment Complex in Beijing, near the site of the 2008 Olympics.Shortlisted project in the World...

Zhongguancun Christian Church, Haidian District

in Architecture by von Gerkan ()
contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 12 October 2008
With its free curved shape, the building forms a solitaire in the park-like open space between Zhongguancun Cultural Tower and the "City of Books". On the upper floors it houses China’s largest...

Red Ribbon

Preserves natural river corridor demonstrating how minimal design solution can achieve dramatic landscape improvements.Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

The Adaptation Palettes: Regenerative Landscape Design

The park of twenty-two hectares in the northern coastal city of Tianjin, transforming a former deserted shooting range used as a garbage dump, into a low maintenance urban park.

Fake Hills

in Architecture by MAD Architects
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 23 September 2009
Residential apartment building, providing both a high density solution and a new landmark for the city.


in Architecture by PRODUCTORA ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 25 February 2009
In this design, a solid brick volume was cut up diagonally into different slices, creating a series of autonomous volumes with different sizes and characteristics. On the ground floor these strips...
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