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Quai des Cageux - Promenade Samuel-De Champlain

Part of the waterfront restoration project of Quebec city.Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

Promenade Samuel-De Champlain

Promenade Samuel-De Champlain Linear Park bonds the river and the cliff - two icons of Quebec City’s identity - into a coherent, connected and active landscape facade to the capital city.The...

Habitat 67

in Architecture by Moshe Safdie ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 24 August 2009
Habitat 67 is a housing complex and landmark located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.The project was designed to create affordable housing with close but private quarters, each equipped with a garden....

New Pavilion for the McGill University Schulich School of Music

in Architecture by Saucier ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 3 February 2009
The design for the new Faculty of Music Building gives prominence to the southeast corner of the McGill University campus at Sherbrooke and Aylmer Streets in downtown Montreal. The new building is...

Quai des Cageux - Promenade Samuel-De Champlain

For its 400th birthday, Quebec City got its waterfront back. The Quai des Cageux Visitor Centre project is a part of the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain Linear Park – a waterfront restoration project...

Expansion of the Palais des Congrès de Montréal

ProgrammeHovering above the urban gash created by the Ville Marie expressway, the original Palais des Congrès de Montréal constituted an important psychological barrier separating Old Montreal from...

First Nations Garden-Pavilion

in Architecture by Saucier + Perrotte architectes ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 11 March 2009
The First Nations Garden is a permanent commemoration of the Great Peace of Montreal of 1701. It is a crossroads of cultures, designed to help visitors discover the culture of the first inhabitants...

Chain Reactor

in Architecture by Casagrande & Rintala ()
contributed by 663 casagrande, 2 March 2010
The Chain Reactor is situated in the Montreal IT-center. We wanted the office workers to gather around the fire eating their lunch boxes. Their suits would start smelling like smoke and they would...

McGill University Life Sciences Complex

in Architecture by Diamond and Schmitt Architects
contributed by 159 archdaily, 25 June 2009
The primary function of the McGill University Life Sciences Complex is research in cancer and biomedicine. This includes five key components: chemical biology, complex traits, developmental biology,...

U house

in Architecture by Natalie Dionne Architecture ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 28 February 2009
The U-House was designed by architect Natalie Dionne to house both the family residence and her office space. Along with her partner, who works in cinema, she drew plans and began construction in...
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