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Architecture of Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

Verbouwing voormalige pastorie

in Architecture by Philippe Vander Maren ()
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 17 February 2009
Conversion of a former parsonageby Vander Maren WeertsMore info herePhoto credits: Philippe Vander Maren

Ternat House

Keeping up appearances amidst the other houses of the allotment, remaining cool, it boils inside, frustrated, shaking and stirring everything up.More info at Arch DailyPhoto credits: V+, Olivier...


The green surroundings, and the development of a new typology of affordable houses, following traditional construction regulations, are the starting points for the concept of a greenhouse...

Headquarters of the Flamand Brabant Government

Extending urban life into the workspace Along the train platform, an artificial valley, a new centrality was planned in the historical city limits. The Headquarters of the Flamand Brabant...