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Architecture of Austria

Art for Art House

in Architecture by Gerhard Steixner ARCHITEKT
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 16 November 2009
The construction phase for the Art for Art House in Haringsee lasted only two months. The prototype of a multifunctional prefabricated house - the outcome of fifteen year’s research - with mixed...

Suspended Float-Cycle Bridge

in Architecture by Arch-More
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 10 September 2009
This cycle and pedestrian bridge, over the River Yibbs in the city of Amstetten, spans more than 80 meters in lenght and is contructed from steel frames and cable.

Museum Liaunig

in Architecture by Jakob Dunkl ()
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 11 January 2009
The Museum Liaunig projects out on two sides over steep-sided ground, high up in the landscape. a cut through the hill marks a precise intervention in nature.More info: Querkraft Architekten ZT...

Fluc 2, Music and Art Club, Transformation of a Pedestrian Underpass

In a central urban planning site at Vienna’s Praterstern, a pedestrian underpass and a former public restroom became the starting point for the events club Fluc_2. The legendary music and art...

Kunsthaus Graz

in Architecture by Cook Fournier Architects
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 15 October 2009
The Graz Kunsthaus is a museum of contemporary art. It is located in the centre of the city of Graz, which is the second city in Austria after Vienna, and was nominated cultural capital of Europe for...

Ecker Abu Zahra House

in Architecture by Hertl Architekten
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 November 2009
A site extending far from west to east, to end up in a parable. A wood, fringing this site at both sides and altering its form to space. A house, put on the view at this natural plaza. The...

Plattform (...ich will an den inn)

in Architecture by Columbosnext ()
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 12 February 2009
Plattformby ColumbosnextMore info: www.columbosnext.comPhoto credits: Hanno Makowitz

Theatre, Festival and Convention Centre

in Architecture by Dietrich
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 November 2009
The main idea of the project - developed after winning a competition in 1992 - is the bridge construction, which covers the old building and houses the administration offices, thus ensuring...


in Architecture by Hans Hollein ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 24 August 2009
The Haas-Haus is a building in Vienna at the Stock-im-Eisen-Platz. Designed by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein, it is a building in the postmodernist style and was completed in 1990. The use of...

haus 47°40’48”n/13°8’12”e

in Architecture by María Flöckner ()
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 10 January 2009
Private house at 47°40’48”n/13°8’12”e.More info on María Flöckner and Hermann Schnöll site.Photo credits: Stefan Zenzmaier.
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