Architecture Projects whose function is theatre

Agora Theatre

in Architecture by UNStudio ()
  contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 6 October 2008
The building is part of the masterplan for Lelystad by Adriaan Geuze, which aims to revitalize Lelystad’s town centre.Shortlisted project in the World Architecture Festival.

Theatre Agora

in Architecture by UNStudio
  contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 2 June 2009
The Agora Theatre is an extremely colourful, determinedly upbeat place. The building is part of the masterplan for Lelystad by Adriaan Geuze, which aims to revitalize the pragmatic, sober town...

Teatro - Auditório em Poitiers

in Architecture by João Luis Carrilho da Graça ()
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 28 March 2009
Theatre Auditorium of Poitiersby Joao Luis Carrilho Da Graça, JLCG Arquitectos Lda.More info: www.jlcg.ptPhoto credits: Fernando Guerra, Arthur Pquin

Espacio Escénico de Granada - GRANATUM

in Architecture
  contributed by 341 marina, 26 May 2009
Granatum es el lema de este concurso. Un edificio que evoca la estructura de una fruta muy simbólica para Granada. Una imagen icónica al desarrollo de la ciudad, superada la vía de...

Sala Atelier, Teatrul National

in Architecture by Angelo Roventa ()
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 2 February 2009
“Sala Atelier”, National Theatreby Arch. Angelo RoventaPhoto credits: Angelo Rovent, Matei Bejenaru

Jimbocho Theater Building

In Jimbocho, otherwise known as the “Town of Used Book Stores”, theaters and playhouses existed before the war and it was also known as the “Town of Theaters”. In this project, Shogakukan and...

Teatro Castro Alves

in Architecture by José Bina Fonyat Filho ()
contributed by 1024 Manuel Sá , 2 December 2010
O Teatro Castro Alves (TCA) é um teatro brasileiro. É o maior e mais importante centro artístico de Salvador, capital do estado da Bahia, e se localiza no bairro Campo Grande.Compõem o...

Shakespeare's Globe

in Architecture by unknown ()
  contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 19 August 2009
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which officially opened in 1997, is a reconstruction of The Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse in the London Borough of Southwark, on the south bank of the River...

Glyndebourne Opera House

in Architecture by Michael Hopkins ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 22 August 2009
Glyndebourne is a 700-year old country house and opera house near Lewes in East Sussex, England. Since 1934 it has been the venue of the annual Glyndebourne Festival Opera.The exact age of the house...

Arena Stage

in Architecture by StructureCraft Builders ()
  contributed by 1139 StructureCraft , 28 March 2011
This custom timber structure supports a 650 foot long curved cable-suspended glazed façade. Each of the 18 massive elliptically-turned Parallam columns are tipped with a custom shaped 350 lb casting...
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