Architecture Projects whose function is infrastructure

Lillefjord Rest area & footbridge

in Architecture by Pushak ()
  contributed by 159 archdaily, 25 February 2009
By placing all the program in the bridge, the road stop installation is now a distinct object placed in the landscape. This felt appropriate for the rough and grand nature of the site, rather than...

Pôle multimodal - Tramway de Nice

in Infrastructure by Marc Barani ()
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 28 March 2009
Multimodal Centre- Nice Tramwayby Atelier Marc BaraniPhoto credits: Hardphot/Schejbal

Parking Garage

in Architecture by Birk und Heilmeyer Architekten
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 27 April 2009
There used to be a strong relationship between companies and their architecture, but nowadays German business parks would hardly be the first place to go if you are looking for ambitious...

Acoustic Barrier

in Infrastructure by ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 16 March 2009
The design is a pure example of Non Standard Architecture realized on a big scale. Basic principle for the NSA is that all compiled components are in principle different. The exception is the rule....

New Fire Station Heidelberg

in Architecture by Peter Kulka Architektur
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 27 April 2009
Situated at the transition between periphery and inner city the sculptural structure of the new fire station forms a distinct figure at the entry to Heidelberg. On three sides the garage, where the...

St-Germain Aqueducts and Sewers

Building an industrial site that co-exists with the surrounding area, for a use in which architectural excellence is often replaced by low-cost banality requires a reevaluation of the topographical...