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Privada de San Francisco 30

in Architecture by DDA
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 17 June 2009
Private residential complex located in southern Mexico City made up of 11 middle income houses and a common area that serves as the intercommunication route between the houses and the outside.The 11...

Riverwoods Residence

There was a client that wanted very unique and modern residence, and there was the very old existing house that for the economical reasons was to stay. So the idea was to utilize the most of...

Ahmanson Founders Room

in Architecture by Belzberg Architects
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 30 September 2009
The Ahmanson Founders Room project was initiated in 2004 as a political, social and economical device geared toward enhancing institutional fundraising through private membership at the...

Private Residence

Pottery was the chief industry of the Guarani Indians who inhabited the land of Argentina in the place where Buenos Aires now stands. The clay of which their pots were made is abundant in the...

Research and Development Headquarters

in Architecture by TRO Jung|Brannen
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 14 July 2009
A research and development company wanted to establish a closer collaboration with the surrounding university community. Their new 180,000 square foot research and development headquarters in...

One Kingdom Street

in Architecture by Sheppard Robson
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 28 July 2009
“Sustainable office space within a shimmering glass façade.”BackgroundOne Kingdom Street is a ten storey office building in London’s PaddingtonCentral, located within the 80 acre Paddington...

Modern Art Museum of Algiers (MaMa)

The project of the “MaMa” (Modern Art Museum of Algiers) is certainly the most daring achievement ever hosted by the city of Algiers since Independence.First of all it is a rehabilitation...

Sun Dial - Reloj de Sol

in Architecture by KEA Ltd
  contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 18 June 2009
The project „Sun dial - Reloj de sol'' is imagined to be a STRUCTURED HOME project, adapted to the lifestyle of people, this region and climate, designed to continue the story of an unusual...

Maliabad Garden Residential Complex ( 646 unite )

646 luxury unite residential complex

Egenes Park

in Architecture by Onix
  contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 6 September 2009
Egenes Park is a housing development with a child care center in the stadium area of Stavanger, Norway.
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