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Rural Retreat

1) Embracing ambivalence The primary challenge was to design for the needs of a yet-to-be-determined client. This open-ended problem demanded an open-ended solution, one that could anticipate and...

TOT house

in Architecture by Kahle Oiza Arauzo
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 16 October 2009
Order´s origin is the design of an economic housing for a family of middle class placed in the bland environment of the Cintruenigo's semi-urban periphery, a small nucleus of population in the...

Lake Residence, Upstate New York

in Architecture by Thomas A. Heinz
contributed by 323 World Architecture Festival , 12 October 2009
On this private island in a lake just north of New York City, a large, grey, granite rock over 60 feet in length breaches the brown leaf mulch and forms the entry wall of this concrete and stone...

Stellas Neoptolemou House

in Architecture by Vardas Studio
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 15 October 2009
PROJECT. Three bedroom house with a self- contained studio flat. Which has been designed in order to be easily adaptable. SITE. The site is in Lakatamia, Nicosia. The built environment...

House with Office

in Architecture by DAAD Architecten BV
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 6 November 2009
For us the sensual perception of architecture has become the most important design principle; as we all know the body inhabits space. We have learned that a perfect space stands in the way of this...

Riverwoods Residence

There was a client that wanted very unique and modern residence, and there was the very old existing house that for the economical reasons was to stay. So the idea was to utilize the most of...

Departamento ASL

  Para el diseño de este departamento ubicado en la zona poniente de la Ciudad de México lo más importante fue encontrar el lenguaje de diseño adecuado para balancear el espacio...

Private Residence

Pottery was the chief industry of the Guarani Indians who inhabited the land of Argentina in the place where Buenos Aires now stands. The clay of which their pots were made is abundant in the...

Ravey Street Residence

Our clients had a passion for a new residence, with space, light and out door space but also generous rooms and flowing spaces after living in Victorian Housing in London for many years. Due to the...

Casa Tepepan

in Architecture
contributed by 1952 José Vigil , 4 July 2014
Casa Tepepan in Mexico City by José Vigil Arquitectos
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