Architecture Projects tagged large house

Domus Aurea

in Architecture by Severus and Celer ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 12 April 2009
The Domus Aurea (Latin for "Golden House") was a large landscaped portico villa, designed to take advantage of artificially created landscapes built in the heart of Ancient Rome by the Roman emperor...

Banqueting House, Whitehall

in Architecture by Inigo Jones ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 26 December 2008
The Banqueting House, Whitehall, London, is the grandest and best known survivor of the architectural genre of banqueting house, and the only remaining component of the Palace of Whitehall. The...

Horta Museum

in Architecture by Victor Horta ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 26 August 2009
The Horta Museum is a museum dedicated to the life and work of the Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta and his time. The museum is housed in Horta's former house and atelier (1898) in the...

Chiswick House

in Architecture by Lord Burlington ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 16 February 2009
Chiswick House is a neo-Palladian villa in Burlington Lane, Chiswick, in the London Borough of Hounslow, England.The house belonged to Lord Burlington, whose taste and skill as an architect have been...

Palace of Versailles

in Architecture by Andre Le Notre ()
  contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 11 February 2009
The Palace of Versailles is a royal château in Versailles, in France's Île-de-France region. In French, it is known as the Château de Versailles.Versailles is therefore famous not only as a...

Château de Chenonceau

in Architecture by unknown ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 5 February 2009
The Château de Chenonceau is a castle near the small village of Chenonceaux, in the Indre-et-Loire département of the Loire Valley in France.It was built on the site of an old mill on the River...

Farnese Palace

in Architecture by Antonio da Sangallo ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 13 June 2009
Palazzo Farnese is a prominent High Renaissance palace in Rome, which currently houses the French Embassy in Italy.This palace was designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger (1484-1546), one of...

Biltmore House

in Architecture by Richard Morris Hunt ()
  contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 5 January 2009
Biltmore House is a French Renaissance inspired chateau near Asheville, North Carolina, built by George Washington Vanderbilt between 1888 and 1895. It is the largest privately owned home in the...

Palace of Fontainebleau

in Architecture by unknown ()
  contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 5 February 2009
The Palace of Fontainebleau located 34.5 miles from the centre of Paris, is one of the largest French royal châteaux. The palace as it is today is the work of many French monarchs, building on a...

Drayton Hall

in Architecture by unknown ()
contributed by 2 Jordi Ber, 22 April 2009
Drayton Hall, in the Carolina "Low Country" near Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the most handsome examples of Palladian architecture in North America. The house was built for John Drayton,...
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