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University College Ostfold Halden

in Architecture by Reiulf Ramstad Architects
  contributed by 159 archdaily, 26 July 2009
The key notion of the architectural strategy is the location’s natural features and the use of a limited material palette. The project is situated in an old “culturscape” and special attention...

School of Architecture

in Architecture by Lacaton & Vassal architectes
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 June 2009
The School made for 800 students is built on an island on the river Loire in the centre of Nantes.In building a structure of great capacity, the project design comes up with a scheme capable of...

Library of Nembro

in Architecture by Archea Associati
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 June 2009
A building erected in 1897, originally as a primary school, has seen many changes of use over the years, becoming town hall, then day nursery and finally clinic. Themunicipality today intends to...

McGill University Life Sciences Complex

in Architecture by Diamond and Schmitt Architects
contributed by 159 archdaily, 25 June 2009
The primary function of the McGill University Life Sciences Complex is research in cancer and biomedicine. This includes five key components: chemical biology, complex traits, developmental biology,...

Lecture Hall 3, University of Alicante

in Architecture by Javier García-Solera
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 29 July 2009
The lecture hall is located in a marginal environment, surrounded by highways and parking lots. Isolated in a highly hostile environment, it must rely on its own resources for protection from the...

Kindergarten Dandelion Clock

in Architecture by Ecker Architekten
contributed by 159 archdaily, 26 July 2009
The kindergarten ‘Dandelion Clock’ educates children with physical or developmental handicaps. Four similar modules form the building, three of which contain two classrooms and a therapy room....

Bernie Grant Arts Centre

in Architecture by Adjaye Associates Ltd
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 25 June 2009
The Bernie Grant Trust was established in 2000 to continue the work of the UK’s first black Member of Parliament. It was Grant’s view that the Tottenham area had produced a significant number of...

Ordino Complex

in Architecture by ARTEKS Arquitectura ()
contributed by 159 archdaily, 19 February 2009
The main room of the congress centre tries to recreate the sensations of an exterior space but whit the comfort of an interior space.False roof “boomerang” that explodes with wood pieces, to...

Bambinos International Learning Center

in Architecture by Scott Edwards Architecture
  contributed by 159 archdaily, 29 May 2009
Bambinos International Learning Center is an organization which believes that their facilities should be much more than places where parents leave their children for care; they are dynamic learning...

ENTER - secondary school and vocational training collage

in Architecture by K2S Architects LTD
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 11 June 2009
Enter is an IT-college in a distant Helsinki suburb. The L-shaped pavillion like building forms the last corner of an existing school campus.The urban setting is dominated by two curved yards. A...
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