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Shipping and Transport College

in Architecture by OFIS arhitekti
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 11 November 2009
The Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam combines all the knowledge of the maritime and logistics sector in one single institute with different educational and consultancy departments. The...

James Ussher Library, Trinity College Dublin

in Architecture by McCullough Mulvin Architects
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 30 September 2009
The new Ussher Library in Trinity College– initiated as an international architectural competition and won in joint design collaboration between McCullough Mulvin Architects and KMD...

GlaxoSmithKline Day Nursery

in Architecture by Antonio Citterio and Partners
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 23 November 2009
The company nursery in Verona is on the GlaxoSmithKline company campus which is an enclave with a workforce of approximately 1.500 people. The nursery is situated in a highly specialised and...

Stredisko ekologicke vychovy

in Architecture by Roman Brychta ()
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 16 March 2009
Center for ecological activities - Slunakovby Projektil Archtitekti S.R.O.More info www.projektil.czPhoto credits: Andrea Lhotáková

Kvernhuset secondary School

in Architecture by Pir II Arkitektkontor AS
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 5 November 2009
The client - the city of Fredrikstad on the south-east coast of Norway – ordered a unique school based among other issues on principles of sustainability, natural ventilation and maximum...

Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre

in Architecture by Gareth Hoskins Architects ()
contributed by 3 DeConstrumatica, 5 October 2008
The new Culloden Battlefield Memorial Centre is designed for up to 250,000 visitors a year, housing interpretation of the battle along with educational and conference facilities, a 240 cover café...

Students' Residence - University of Cyprus

in Architecture by Papachristou/Chrysanthou
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 18 September 2009
A design that evolves around the notions of the individual within the anonymous enormity of the crowd, the description, definition and constraint of space and the creation of noteworthy elements...

University Library Utrecht

in Architecture by Wiel Arets Architect
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 3 October 2009
The University Library is an addition to the new university complex in the city of Utrecht. In any library, the storage of books and other light-sensitive items requires closed spaces, while the...

Laekjarskoli Primary School

in Architecture by Bjorgvinsson
contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 23 September 2009
Lækjarskóli – primary school in Hafnarfjörður Lækjarskóli in Hafnarfjörður was designed according to the winning proposal of “Á STOFUNNI arkitektar“ in an open architecture...

Secondary Scool Klaus-Weiler-Fraxern

in Architecture by Dietrich
  contributed by 128 miesvanderrohe, 24 September 2009
Located in Vorarlberg the new school building was executed as a passive-energy structure and stands directly on the road between the town of Klaus and a nearby industrial area. An existing sports...
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