urbArAmA API

The urbArAmA Application Programming Interface (API) has been created to let users and partners interact programmatically with urbArAmA. The API returns urbArAmA data in a form that can be easily integrated into an application or a web site.

The API accepts REST requests and offers two response types: XML and JSON

Getting Started

It's a very simple REST api, you only have to do a GET on:




  • popular (default value)
  • date


  • Offset in complete project list.
  • Project offset integer.
  • Default: 0.


  • Number of projects to retrieve.
  • Project count integer.
  • Default: 20, Maximum: 100.


  • original
  • medium (default value)
  • small
  • thumbnail
  • square
  • mini_square


  • xml
  • json (default value)

&user={...} (optional)

  • Username.
  • Example: "user=jordi"
  • Default: (search projects submited by any user).

the minx, miny, maxx, maxy define the area to show projects from (minimum longitude, latitude, maximum longitude and latitude, respectively).

Example response for JSON format:

{ "total": 114,
  "offset": 0,
  "count": 2,
  "projects": [
    "project_title": "Maremagnum",
    "project_url": "http://www.urbarama.com/project/maremagnum",
    "project_desc": "Este moderno y espectacular centro comercial se construyó en el rehabilitado puerto...",
    "longitude": 2.18282,
    "latitude": 41.3751,
    "photo_id": "45",
    "photo_icon": "http://static.urbarama.com/photos/mini_square/45.jpg",
    "photo_url": "http://static.urbarama.com/photos/thumbnail/45.jpg",
    "photo_width": 100,
    "photo_height": 75,
    "upload_date": "2008-09-28 15:39:33",
    "owner_username": "martin",
    "owner_name": "Martin Caleau",
    "owner_url": "http://www.urbarama.com/user/martin"
    "project_title": "SOS Children's Village Community Center",
    "project_url": "http://www.urbarama.com/project/sos-children-s-village-community-center",
    "project_desc": "Community centre in Chicago with its focus on creating families and community for foster-care children...",
    "longitude": -87.6243,
    "latitude": 41.8795,
    "photo_id": "40",
    "photo_icon": "http://static.urbarama.com/photos/mini_square/40.jpg",
    "photo_url": "http://static.urbarama.com/photos/thumbnail/40.jpg",
    "photo_width": 100,
    "photo_height": 75,
    "upload_date": "2008-09-14 12:23:45",
    "owner_username": "DeConstrumatica",
    "owner_name": "DeConstrumatica",
    "owner_url": "http://www.urbarama.com/user/DeConstrumatica"

Example response for XML format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<projects total="114" offset="0" count="2">
<project project_title="Maremagnum" project_url="http://www.urbarama.com/project/maremagnum"
         project_desc="Este moderno y espectacular centro comercial se construyó en el rehabilitado puerto..."
         longitude="2.18282" latitude="41.3751"
         photo_id="45" photo_icon="http://static.urbarama.com/photos/mini_square/45.jpg"
         photo_width="100" photo_height="75" upload_date="2008-09-28 15:39:33" owner_username="martin"
         owner_name="Martin Caleau" owner_url="http://www.urbarama.com/user/martin" />
<project project_title="SOS Children&#039;s Village Community Center"
         project_desc="Community centre in Chicago with its focus on creating families and community for foster-care children..."
         longitude="-87.6243" latitude="41.8795"
         photo_id="40" photo_icon="http://static.urbarama.com/photos/mini_square/40.jpg"
         photo_width="100" photo_height="75" upload_date="2008-09-14 12:23:45" owner_username="DeConstrumatica"
         owner_name="DeConstrumatica" owner_url="http://www.urbarama.com/user/DeConstrumatica" />

"total" is the total number of projects availables on that area.


Every project displayed in your site should include Urbarama's name or our logo. A link to the project page (ex. http://www.urbarama.com/project/maremagnum) at Urbarama.com is also a requirement. Under the project should be displayed "author: name" where the name is the author linked to his area at Urbarama (e.g. author: Jordi Ber). Also in every page you display projects from Urbarama you need to include the text "Projects provided by Urbarama are under the copyright of their owners."

Terms of Use

Urbarama API is free for both commercial and non-commercial purposes that don't exceed the restrictions. However Urbarama reserves the right to charge fees for the use of Urbarama API for some kind of commercial applications and over certain bandwidth limits.

Embed your favorite project in your blog or website

We released a feature that enables to embed a la youtube the project of your choice into your blog or website. For more information please go here.


If you have any doubt of suggestions, feel free to contact us at support [@] urbarama.com